Sunday, March 25, 2012

Zombie Proof!

Cold Steel tests some products to see how well they kill zombies. They use pig and cow skulls so if you're a member of PETA, I advise you not to watch.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Battle Comp BC1.0 on M249 at BRTC

Now, that's impressive.

The Contraception Controversy

During her fake Congressional testimony (she was not testifying before an official Congressional hearing, just a pretend one arranged by Democrats for the press), political activist Sandra Fluke spoke of the "financial hardship" that she has witnessed among women studying at Georgetown University with her. Fluke and her fellow law students are apparently incapable of shopping around for better prices and she alleged that the total cost of contraception during the course of study came to $3,000.

In actual fact, birth control pills can be purchased for as little as $324 for a three year supply, almost a tenth of the cost that Fluke told her fake Congressional hearing. It seems that some of the brightest legal minds in modern day America, attending a school costing $46,865 per year, are oblivious to making the most of their personal budgets.

When challenged on this fact, Fluke retorted that for some women these pills are medically required and that cheap, generic brands just won't do. What Fluke- and the mainstream media- won't tell you is that the average salary for a Georgetown graduate upon leaving school is $160,000- which means that even if one of her fellow students did have to pay the full $3,000, that cost is equal to one week's pay. And remember, that's just the average starting salary.

Do Democrats really want to make wealthy lawyers the poster children for their contraception mandate assault on religious freedom? If Republicans tried a stunt like this then the media would make a huge deal out of the fact that a group of some of the country's more wealthy citizens were demanding to be given free stuff.

As Mark Steyn points out, would it really be so hard for one of these law students to go to their bank and take out a $3,000 loan for three year's contraception and then pay it back with that first week's pay?