Monday, January 17, 2005

Back Home

Well, we’re finally back in our own home. As my DIY sessions continue, it feels like an entirely new home (with much of the stress of moving house thrown in for good measure). The kids’ room is almost finished bar some wallpapering and my new bedroom actually feels like a room to hang out in, rather than just a space to crash in. Still a lot of work to do downstairs and the fact that I keep finding new jobs to do isn’t helping.

One of the reasons for our re-modelling is the fact that it’s New Year and I’ve decided to make some changes. Normally, New Year’s is a holiday that I don’t particularly care for but it seemed like a good time to make some resolutions. Another thing I don’t normally hold for. As well as changing my diet to a more healthier way of eating (and having a weekly weigh in session), I’m determined to transform the way we live- the DIY is part of that as I struggle to clear the clutter in our home and get the family into a routine. So far the diet change is working- I’ve dropped nearly a stone in weight since before Christmas (Kettlebell training is due to resume in a week when my back settles down a bit) and it’s all down to healthier choices rather than calorie restriction. Makes me wonder how badly I was eating up until now! The DIY bit is beginning to take effect, primarily because a lot of the kids’ toys are in their new bigger bedroom and we don’t have to tidy them up twenty times a day.

Things are pretty busy but I’m hoping to get back to blogging regularly now that we’re settled back in. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by.

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