Sunday, May 25, 2008

Attack of the Killer Trees

Oh brother, this is beyond ridiculous!

For 150 years, it has stood in splendid serenity on the village green, harming no one and pleasing many.

Over the decades, the monkey puzzle tree at West Cross, near Swansea, became a much-loved local landmark.

But now it is facing the chop … because, in modern Britain, the needle-like points of its leaves are deemed a danger to health and safety.

How many deaths has it been responsible for in that time? None, but still....

One expert likened the effect of the needles to being pricked by a hypodermic syringe.

‘Every effort is made in this day and age to prevent children playing with discarded syringe needles,’ a report stated.

‘Every effort must be made to prevent children coming into contact with these potentially, equally sharp needles.’

An expert in what, one wonders? Over-reacting to non-existent threats perhaps.

What happened to Britain?


Anonymous said...

In Soviet Britannia, the monkey *jabs* YOU!


DJK said...

April fools? Is this for real? People are really standing for this nonsense? I might be able to understand if the fruits of the tree where homicidal star-throwing ninjas or something. But pointy leaves??