Friday, July 10, 2009

Quote of the Day

For Obama, success is not the delivery of watertight nuclear security for America; it is a feel-good news conference and photo opportunity that will create huge approval ratings on liberal campuses where the delusions of 1968 and the anti-Vietnam war movement still linger on in these isolated Jurassic Parks.

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James R. Rummel said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

If Russia had a missle shield aimed at the US whatg would you say? we doubt the shield rerally works in any case...just more NO NO NO stuff. Offer something positive, for a change.

Jay.Mac said...

The missile shield isn't "aimed" at Russia- it has no offensive capabilities whatsoever, relying instead purely on the velocity of the projectile fired to destroy incoming missiles. It is, in other words, solely a defensive tool.

The aim is to protect American's interests and European allies from a missile launch from the Middle East. And to protect America itself from attack by the likes of North Korea.

Ask yourself why Russia would have any problem with a system designed not to destroy but to save lives?

If Obama continues with his cuts to the research and his apparent willingness to get rid of the system in Europe and a rogue nation (Iran or North Korea) launches an attack- what happens then?

How many will die if NK hits Hawaii with a nuke? How many innocent people's lives is he willing to sacrifice in Europe to a nuclear strike from Iran? And for what? To appease a nation busy doing all it can to prevent the international community from stopping Iran's bomb program.

So tell me- what's positive about risking the lives of potentially hundreds of thousands of people to attack by rogue nations rather than insisting that everything which can be done to protect them is done?

Anonymous said...

Obama has not denounced the missile but you insist on badmouthing him. He is a welcome relief after that guy before him who spent most of his time clearing brush (?) on a ranch in Texas, while soldiers died becAuse of his and Cheney's lies. And made the govt much bigger than it was as he did also the deficit...what exactly had he done for us?
Oh, right. Kept us safe from jihadists. But 9/11 took place while he was our president.

Anonymous said...

Put the shield in place? ok. And here is how Russia responds:

Jay.Mac said...

That's funny- you're complaining about Bush increasing govt and the deficit? Have you seen this?

Obama is presiding over the biggest expansion of the Federal govt since the Depression- and that's before cap-and-trade and Obamacare- and he's spent more money than any President before him. Perhaps you'd better have a look at just what Obama is actually doing to the US- not only has he plunged generations into debt for a stimulus which failed, he's preparing to spend even more to ruin US industry and healthcare.

Do you want a Washington bureaucrat to decide which medical treatments are available to you- or would you prefer to have your doctor decide?

As for the quip about Crawford Ranch- well, Obama's jetting to NY for dinner while men die in Iraq and Afghanistan. In case you hadn't noticed, US troops are still deployed in both those countries and, yes, Obama has sent even more to Afghanistan than Bush.

As for the Russian threat to plant missiles next to Poland...well, Joe Biden did warn us that foreign nations would test Obama's mettle.

Thus far, he's failed to impress.