Friday, September 11, 2009

Liberal Reaction To Joe Wilson

A moronic so-called comedian who goes by the name "DantetheComic"was so incensed by Joe Wilson's daring to call out Obama's lies to Congress that he goes off the deep-end. First off, he send this tweet to me (after I congratulated Wilson's stand)-

you are a f**ktard and need to read a book and a newspaper and not comic books and neo nazi books

Yeah, apparently Monster Hunter International (the only book I can remember referencing on Twitter) is a neo-Nazi book. As for comics, I'm not sure what he's talking about because I'm not much of a comic fan any more and don't think I've ever referred to reading one on Twitter. Incredibly he missed the many links to newspapers there. Well, I say incredibly but given his own output it's perhaps not too surprising. He went on to spew the following bile on Twitter-

Joe Wilson you are a good example why there should be a white christian Rebublican holocost

JOE WILSON...........You are like the 5th person to screw up from S. Carolina in the past year. We may have to blow that state up.

luciferiscoming and his name is JOE WILSON

President Obama is our president. I believe in him and our country and Joe Wilson SPIT on our flag tonight

(To another Twitter user who agreed with Wilson)
are you nuts, you c*nt, please go kill yourself

JOE WILSON is alive and well and Kennedy is dead. Shame.

JOE WILSON......if a demacrat yelled out durring a BUSH speech he would have been arested.
(Note - not exactly true.)

Joe Wilson thank you since I have ranted about what a piece of crap you are I have gained 30 followers

Joe Wilson eat my nuts

Joe Wilson should resin
(Note- I believe he means that Wilson should resign, not turn into resin)

Joe Wilson needs to be punished

(To a Joe Wilson supporter) are you nuts? F**k Joe Wilson and you. That was our president he heckled not Carrot Top

I had Obamas speech on DVR and just watched it. Brilliant. That man is going to change the world. Screw Joe Wilson and other whackjobs

As a comic I hate Hecklers! JOE WILSON is the top piece of sh*t heckler in the world. You f**ktard.
(This delicate blossom should never watch Prime Minister's Question Time)

Hey to all the pussys that were following me until I spoke my mind about Oboma and Joe Wilson go f**k yourselves and dont follow me anymore

Go Oboma. Fuck those peice of sh*t republicans who sat there and heckled you and acted like children

Joe Wilson resign now you f**ktard

Joe Wilson if you were a dem durring a Bush speech, you would have been escorted out. How dare you
(See above)

F**k you Joe Wilson you piece of sh*t, who the f**k do you think you are yelling at our president.

There needs to be a white christian republican holocost

All the white christian rebublicansneed to all move to Alabama and start thier own country, then left bomb the shit out of those dumb fucks

White christian republicans annoy the sh*t out of me.

I am so sick of dumb f**ks who can not read bashing our president. Show us proof of any thing he has done wrong.

(To another Wilson supporter) Fred let me love Joe are a white, republican christian. Your level of education and respect are low.

All of the spellings are his originals. Ironic, isn't it, that he slanders someone else's level of education when he can't even spell Democrat? And calling for respect when he's insulted others and called for a holocaust of Christian Republicans? Wow.

No doubt Dante's off to name-call all the liberals and Democrats who attacked Bush, calling him a liar, a murderer and even Hitler over the past eight years...


Chris M said...

Hi John,

It's a shame he didn't accuse me. All I read is Nazi comics, like Hansi:

Chris M said...

Aw cruds, I just read Hansi. It's not pro-Nazi at all. I made the assumption from the funny cover. It's actually pro-Christian. There's not as much comedy value in that. I feel like a fool.

Jay.Mac said...

Hey Chris,

Good to hear from you again- could you drop me an email, my hard drive crashed a while back & lost all my email addresses.

Anonymous said...

This yoyo is crying about insulting the Pres, and he mispelles the name? Wins the BET award?He's white? Why does he hate?