Sunday, May 09, 2010

Times Square Bomber

Mark Steyn's weekly column is a must read- every week.

This time he tackles the subject of the Times Square bomber- and the reaction to the attempt to commit mass murder in the middle of New York City on a busy Saturday night. He counters the frankly preposterous notion that America has become Islamophobic, and this following section really caught my eye-

Because the reactions of Bloomberg & Co. are a useful glimpse into the decayed and corroded heart of a civilization. One day the bomb will explode. Dozens dead? Hundreds? Thousands? Would we then restrict immigration from certain parts of the world? Or at least subject them to extra roadblocks on the fast-track to citizenship?

What do you think?

I can imagine it now- New York, Chicago, LA or some other major American city left in smouldering ruins with an unknown number of dead. While the fires still burn and emergency crews struggle to save lives, you just know that the talking heads on TV will be whining about a feared backlash against Muslims living in America- and not railing against the murderous philosophy of jihad that caused the attack.

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