Thursday, January 27, 2011

Too Scary For Police

I wrote the last piece before I saw this- and now it really feels like I'm living in an Onion-inspired Twilight Zone.

Police in the UK have been banned from patrolling a playground at night because, get this, "it is considered dark and dangerous."

A senior police officer tried to defend the decision by describing the park as "a building site", an unlit area fraught with danger for the unwary PC who might be injured at any moment!

Of course, locals then pointed out that it's not a building site at all- it's actually a fully functioning playground where children are free to play during the day and that there is only minor work left to be completed.

Home-owners in the area - many of whom are old or disabled - complain it has become a magnet for young thugs and have reported dozens of incidents of anti-social behaviour. They have also found evidence of alcohol and drug use.

Given this new line of reasoning the police responded by saying that it was not their job to "keep the area clear". No mention of the vandalism and substance-abuse being carried out then.

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