Wednesday, March 01, 2006

$60 Billion Wasted

A capital idea whose time really has come- and yes, the title of the post is correct; US taxpayers have given $60 billion dollars of their hard earned cash away to Egypt in return for...nothing.

Foreign aid should be subject to return if the recipient fails to show that it has put that foreign aid to good use. That good use should include, in the first place, encouraging gratitude, and friendship, toward the giver of such aid. In Egypt's case, there has been none.

...why should not the Americans ask the Egyptians to return the $60 billion?

That $60 billion could be applied to solar and wind energy, which together have received additional funding, according to the State of the Union address, of less than $100 million, or 1/60th that amount. $60 billion can do us a lot of good. Sending it to Egypt has done us no good whatsoever.

American taxpayers want that money back.

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