Wednesday, March 01, 2006

How Times Have Changed

Murdoc notes that it was the anniversary of the Gulf War yesterday- and as I read the post I was reminded of the 1999 film Three Kings. The movie spends a great deal of time pointing out that Americans should have helped topple Saddam Hussein, and helped the poor, beleagured Iraqi people who were being horrendously victimised. How a few years changes things.

Now that American troops have toppled Saddam Hussein and introduced democracy into Iraq it's become a bad thing, as opposed to the good thing it was when the Left were complaining about Bush Sr. Even George Clooney, the lead of Three Kings, whose character so wants to help the Iraqi people is against the war. I can only assume that Clooney agrees with the politics of the film. He even went so far as to accuse the Bush administration of acting like the Sopranos.

Clooney accused the President of cutting a deal with France and Russia to ensure the UN Security Council will not complain when "we go into a war and kill a lot of innocent people".

"Are we going to try and talk to Saddam Hussein...without jumping in and killing people first?"

Perhaps if America and the Coalition had gone on to Baghdad all those years ago things would be remarkably different now. Perhaps Iraq would have quickly settled into democracy without all of the bloodshed that we're seeing now at the hands of Islamist terrorists. Or perhaps the world then would have decried the lack of a clear UN mandate to overthrow Hussein and the USA would have been portrayed by the Left, as it is now, as some sort of bully? Make sure to check out this page of images- and note the end of the war celebrations in New York City. Somehow I can't imagine the same thing happening now.

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