Friday, November 09, 2007

Bring a Gun

While it would certainly seem that having a stun gun is better than not being "armed" at all, there really is no substitute to having a gun to defend oneself with.

A man tried to use a stun gun to fend off a carjacker and ended up being shot five times.

Luckily the goblin didn't fatally wound him and he's expected to recover from the gunshot wounds.

The man was driving a minivan in southeast Atlanta when he was confronted by a carjacker at an intersection. The carjacker jumped in, told the man to drive and demanded money, police said.

While trying to reach for his money, the man also pulled out his stun gun and shocked the carjacker.

But the carjacker reacted by shooting the man at least five times, Keyes said. The van, which was still moving, crashed into a tree and the carjacker ran away.

Seems to me that a .45 would have been more effective in stopping the carjacker in his tracks. And get this "advice" from local PD Sgt. Lisa Keyes-

"Make the situation safe for you," she said. "You know you have to get away from that person. Just try to give the car up."

Yep, the police's best advice when confronted with an armed attacker is to surrender and hope that a car is all that they want. Not a lot of help if the carjacker in question wants to commit further crimes against their victim or to kill them.

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