Friday, November 02, 2007

Police Priorities

Policing in Britain has gone beyond the farcical.

THREE young children got a Halloween scare to remember after potty police tried to shut down their pumpkin stall because they did not have a TRADERS LICENCE.

Yep, a couple of kids trying to raise some cash for their Halloween costumes got a visit from "Community Support Officers" who threatened to fine them. And here's the real kick in the teeth-

Justin (the boys' father) was furious police took such a heavy handed approach especially as it took them 10 DAYS to respond when he called after his house was recently burgled.

He added: "This was a great use of police resources, instead of catching robbers they are trying to stop school children sell pumpkins."

Sure sounds like the usual set of priorities these days.


FrauBudgie said...

Too crazy, Jay -- thanks for posting!

Jay.Mac said...

Always good to hear from you.

Henry Bowman said...

That's because the police can be confident that kids with pumpkins won't shoot at them.

It's part of the new professional police cowardice movement called "your first priority is to get home safely each night."

Why take a chance approaching a violent thug when you can arrest an old lady for not mowing her lawn, or a kid for running a roadside stand -- especially when your paycheck is the same either way? Better yet, arrest the victims of crimes for some technical violation -- they're already defenseless and in shock, and easily bullied.

Mothers of generations past had the "starving children in China (Africa, Ethiopia)" to point to to get their children to finish their dinners. It's slim comfort to you guys on the island, but thanks for "being there" for us today to serve as the same sort of frightening example for civil libertarians all around the world.