Thursday, December 06, 2007

Full Up

The British justice system continues to implode.

Ten of thousands of criminals will be spared jail after the Government yesterday fought shy of building enough prisons to meet demand.

Britain's top prison expert said that the UK needs room for 100,000 inmates by 2014. So what does Labour do?

Justice Secretary Jack Straw promised to build 15,000 extra prison places by 2014, taking the total to 96,000.

And the extra 4,000 spaces? Well, Labour has a solution to that too-

Ministers will attempt to bridge the gap by freeing as many as 4,500 inmates early at any one time.

As a result, tens of thousands of criminals will serve less time in jail than is currently the case - or will not be imprisoned at all.

Yep, their usual tactic of allowing criminals to roam free at the expense of the law-abiding citizens of the nation. Rather than keep up with the pace of criminality, Labour are lagging behind, playing a game of catch-up which means that lighter and lighter sentences are being promoted in addition to the early release tactic- and those who breach release terms, or violate suspended sentences will still not be imprisoned. All factors leading to a reduction in the force of the law.

What can possibly go wrong?

1 comment:

hairy hobbit said...

keep up with the pace of criminality? When people are being subject to more and more logic defying "laws" that exist merely to classify them as criminals isn't it a GOOD thing if they're released?

Yeah, I know, they'll be the ones to do the full sentence, but one can hope.