Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hitting the weights

I’m into week three of my weight training regime and it’s going pretty well. This Monday I was able to add another 20kg to my leg press and today I increased my bench and shoulder press by 5kg each. It’s taking its toll on me of course- even though I had a good fitness base from the rowing, there’s nothing quite like weight training to really put your body under intense pressure (if you’re doing it right). Each workout (I’m training three days a week- legs and biceps, chest and shoulders, back and triceps) is just under an hour long but by the time I’m finished I’m totally wiped out. I’m taking Maximuscle’s Viper drink while I train to keep my energy up but even with that I’m struggling come the last exercise. I’d forgotten what hard work lifting weights is.

On the plus side, my Other Half tells me I look more muscular and less fat. I’m feeling stronger and I’m lifting more now than I was when I last trained. Pretty good for only three weeks into the cycle. I reckon it’ll be another month or so before my body is acclimatised to this regime- at the moment I’m a mass of sore and stiff muscles. It’ll take some more time until I get used to the punishment.

The great thing about weight training is that I’m losing fat, eating more (four meals a day with one or two Maximuscle Promax shakes for good measure to keep the protein up) and not having to worry about portion sizes or the like. The only concession I’m making at the moment is restricting my intake of Pepsi (or other fizzy drinks) to one a day. This is my main vice- I don’t tend to eat crisps or chocolate- and I’ll sometimes find myself sinking a tin without thinking. Easier than dieting though. This is the best way to lose fat- eat more and train hard.

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