Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More on Kerry and the debate

So it looks like Kerry brought a pen into the debate with him- so I take back what I said about him needing a cheat sheet. The actual cheating part still stands- and it seems like such a petty thing to do. It's as if he's a stroppy teenager trying to prove he's tough by breaking the rules. But of course, he breaks a really tiny rule, just so he can get away with it and not be in too much trouble.

As for Kerry's "global test" (the only surprising thing about that comment is that he admitted it)- he's looking for legitimacy “not just in the globe, but elsewhere”. Wow. What a surprise the media isn’t over this the way they are whenever Bush mis-speaks. Honestly, I’m not surprised by this one either; I always thought he was a space cadet.

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