Thursday, May 24, 2007


This is a pretty worrying development.

One of the men accused of plotting to attack soldiers at Fort Dix had recently applied to be a police officer in two big cities — a move some authorities believe may have been an effort to infiltrate law enforcement agencies.

Tatar may have also wanted to join the Army, according to conversations recorded in March by an FBI informant during the investigation. A second suspect in the case told the informant that Tatar wanted to join the Army so he could kill soldiers from the "inside," according to a court filing.

"He had only one mind,"
a third suspect, Dritan Duka, told the informant, according to the court documents. "How to kill American soldiers."

As Robert Spencer asks, how many more like him are out there? How many have already infiltrated the police, army or other sensitive jobs and what exactly are they planning?

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