Monday, May 21, 2007

St. Trinian's

If you're not familiar with them, the '50s St. Trinian's movies featured an anarchic girl's boarding school. The pupils were so unruly that even the local bobbies were terrified of them. And today it's all pretty innocent stuff. A remake is on the way though, with Rupert Everett replacing Alastair Sim in the dual role of the headmistress and her brother. I'm not quite sure what to expect about a remake of something that seems such a part of its time. This BBC article is quite telling though.

Talulah Riley, who plays one of the unruly pupils, warns: "They will do anything and everything - there's drugs, there's sex, there's tattoos, piercings."

Not quite the same as the original then. But this is very telling of how bizarre modern thinking is-

"It's curious because certain things will be a bit edgier and more challenging than they were, then again in the early films the girls are puffing away on cigarettes and of course you can't do that now," says Parker.

School girls engaging in sex and drugs is fine but to portray them smoking is a big no-no? I don't get it.

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