Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Moderate Fatah

I wonder if the bearded men of Gaza are being killed by weapons paid for by the US taxpayer?

Once, Hamas members were afraid to wear beards for fear of being arrested by Israel’s security forces. Today, they are once again afraid of appearing in public with beards - this time for fear that they will be killed or kidnapped by Fatah militiamen in the Gaza Strip.

That would be the same Fatah militia that some politicians in the US think are moderate and much better than those crazy Hamas killers.

Sources close to Hamas said over the weekend that at least 10 bearded men have been shot and killed in the past week after being stopped in the street by Fatah gunmen.

One case was caught on camera and has since appeared on the Youtube Web site. The film shows several Fatah gunmen shooting a bearded man in the legs. As the man lies in a pool of blood in the street crying for help, a Fatah gunman approaches him and fires at his head from an automatic rifle, killing him instantly.

For a moment there it was as if Fatah were just another bunch of psychotic murderers but hey, that can't be right can it? I mean if that were true why would US politicians be taking money from the pay checks of American citizens and giving it to them?

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Bag said...

It's not ideal but it's better they kill themselves than a third party.

I vote we arm both sides with short range weapons,SMGs or whatever, and plenty ammo. Tell both sides the other side is planning to kidnap and torture them them, retire and wait. Supply ammo and intelligence on locations as necessary.