Tuesday, May 22, 2007

John Rambo

As you all are probably aware there's a fourth Rambo movie out. I'm much more interested in this than in Stallone's Rocky film- I've always liked the Rambo movies and the David Morrell books. Be interesting to see the first one adapted straight to film. Perhaps some day we'll get to see that with the real Starship Troopers? Anyway, I've been nosing around a little the past few hours trying to find out a bit about the Rambo film- I'm particularly interested in the knife he'll be using. Although the hollow handle survival knife didn't play a huge part in the first film, it was more of a "character" in the second. I'm not a fan at all of the Gil Hibben design for the third film- give me one of the Lile originals any day. BTW, if you want to see some high res pictures of the various knives have a look here.

I've heard that Rambo will be packing the same Rambo III blade in this film but I'm not entirely sure if that's correct. In the image below that looks like a completely different design- and a similar slightly curved blade like that can be glimpsed briefly in the trailer. If I had been in charge of picking a blade, he'd be carrying one of Chris Reeves' blades- maybe a 9" Jeroboam with a sawback or a Shadow I. These designs take the hollow handle concept as close to perfection as I can imagine- the knives are crafted from a single piece of A2 tool steel so that there is no blade/handle join or weak spot.

Here's hoping that the movie turns out to be a worthy addition to the series.

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