Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fantasy World

It's one thing to hear moonbats wail that the US freeing Iraqis from the oppression of an evil, murderous tyrant and bringing them democracy for the first time in a generation mysteriously causes Islamist terrorists to want to blow up markets filled with Iraqi women and children, but now we have the Pakistani government claiming that the US presence in Afghanistan is to blame for the "endurance" of the Taliban. Strangely they offer no explanation for the existence of the Taliban in pre-9/11 days when there was no American presence in Afghanistan.

If only the bad old US would go home all the evils of the world would just disappear overnight- the Taliban would stop blowing up schools, killing children and murdering aid workers and the terrorists in Iraq would put away their head-chopping knives, pack up their IEDs and allow the Iraqi people to live in peace and harmony in a new golden-era...well, either that or the psychopaths will indulge in slaughter on a massive scale unhindered by the protection the US military offers to innocent people.

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