Monday, September 24, 2007

The Beast

Want to find some real life mutants? Look no further than the Beast Hall of Fame.

The Beast is a monster kettlebell, a behemoth that tips the scales at 48kg or 106lbs. To be a Beast Hall of Famer requires successfully completing three exercises.

First up is the press- starting off with the kettlebell held at shoulder level you have to press it straight up above you head. Next up is the pistol- with the Beast held in both hands in front of your body you do a one legged squat, getting right down low to the ground, and then stand up again. Finally, there's a pull up with the Beast hanging from your waist.

Thus far, only six men are members of this elite group. If you think you have the mutated genes required to join you can now buy your very own Beast kettlebell.

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