Monday, September 17, 2007

Surplus Firearms

Hoping someone can help me out here- I'm finding it impossible to track down a copy of this year's Guns and Ammo Surplus Firearms magazine. My local retailer doesn't have it and can't tell if it will come in stock, nothing is showing up with an online search or at eBay. Does anyone know of a source online where I can buy a copy?

Last year's book is superb- articles on Mosin sniper rifles, handguns of the British Empire, a cache of Nepalese Martini-Henrys, the Garand sniper and more. All great material- and I've been looking forward to reading this new issue.

So, if you do know where I can find a copy, please do let me know.

UPDATE - Details on how to buy online here.


DirtCrashr said...

I thought i had that, but I've got the '06 issue - so I sent them a subscriber-comment asking about it.
We'll see what they reply...funny it's not at their website.

Jay.Mac said...

Yeah, I subscribe too- you'd think they'd off us the opportunity to get one-off issues like SF too; surely it makes sense to offer items like this to people who are already customers and therefore more likely to buy them?

Weird that they have a full-page ad in the magazine for it and nothing else to publicise it.

DirtCrashr said...

You'd think they'd solicit subscribers directly.