Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Attempted Infanticide

The start of another school year, so what do Islamic Jihad do?

The Sderot Parents Association decided they would not take their children to schools and day care centers beginning Tuesday, until the government changed its policy regarding ongoing Kassam rocket attacks on the western Negev town, The Jerusalem Post learned Monday.

It followed a salvo of seven Kassam rockets that landed in and around the beleaguered town Monday morning. After one of the rockets thudded into the courtyard of a day care center, soldiers scrambled to evacuate everyone inside. Twelve people, including some of the babies, suffered shock and a building was damaged.

Despite the fact that none of the 15 babies at the center were wounded, frantic parents across the city - already furious over the government’s failure to protect them and their children from the near-daily rocket fire - pulled their children out of schools on the second day of the academic year.

In total, seven Kassam rockets landed in and around the western Negev town as Sderot children started their second day of the new school year. The Islamic Jihad said they had fired nine Kuds-3 rockets, saying on their internet site that the attack was “a present for the start of the new school year.”

A deliberate attempt to murder children- one which almost succeeded in killing babies- and the world's press yawns. Isn't this newsworthy? Doesn't the public at large deserve to be told that a group calling itself Islamic Jihad (I guess they misunderstand their religion, eh?) are gloating over their attempt to murder babies? And only days after the anniversary of Beslan? The press rooms that choose not to shine a spotlight on despicable acts like this should be ashamed of themselves.

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