Monday, September 17, 2007

Clueless in Hollywood

Hot Air mentions Sally Field at the Emmys- "If only mothers ruled the world there would be peace".

A commenter there already highlighted the idiocy of that statement-

A 22-year-old Palestinian mother of two small children, pretending to be disabled, killed four Israelis at a Gaza border crossing yesterday after duping soldiers into allowing her a personal security check rather than going through a metal detector.

And this-

This is the final message in the life of Fatma al-Najar, widow, great-grandmother, matriarch of her large family and, a few hours after this brief video was shot, the oldest Palestinian to become a suicide bomber. "I am the living martyr Fatma al-Najar," she says, and praises the armed wing of her beloved Hamas movement, its political rulers and its violent struggle.

Has Sally Field ever actually had an encounter with reality or any knowledge of recent history? Has she heard of Hamas elected representative Miriam Farhat?

The New York Times recently identified her as “the mother of three Hamas supporters killed by Israelis.” The Times added that “she bade one son goodbye in a homemade videotape before he stormed an Israeli settlement, killing five people, then being shot dead. She said later, in a much-publicized quotation, that she wished she had 100 sons to sacrifice that way. Known as the ‘mother of martyrs,’ she was seen in a campaign video toting a gun.”

Sure, with women like her there sure sounds like there will be peace, doesn't' there? Perhaps Field would be better off remembering the words of Golda Meir-

"We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us."

That certainly applies to an awful lot of women, not just the men. How about this?

I hear a mother saying ‘Thank God, my son is dead.’ Her son had became a shaheed, a martyr, which for her was a greater source of pride than if he had became an engineer, a doctor or a winner of the Nobel Prize.

Motherhood doesn't seem to have made these women any less violent that the other female terrorists who seem to have become more common in recent years. But I guess Sally Field hasn't heard of any of these other women either-

The woman regarded as the first female Palestinian guerrilla fighter is Fatima Barnawi, who in October 1967 planted a bomb in a Jerusalem cinema that left dozens of Israelis injured. She was 28 and a member of Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement.

Perhaps the most iconic Palestinian woman was the hijacker Leila Khaled. In 1969, she took part in the hijacking of a TWA plane, flying it to Damascus before blowing it up. She had cosmetic surgery to disguise her looks and the next year made a failed attempt to hijack another plane as part of a wave of hijacks planned by the leftwing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Nearly a decade later, Dalal Mughrabi landed with a group of other Palestinian fighters on an Israeli beach, killed an American photographer and seized a bus filled with passengers. After a gunbattle with Israeli soldiers, she blew up the bus, killing 36 people on board. Mughrabi and her fighters were also killed.

You ever hear of this Sally?

A woman in Brussels reads news of Muriel Degauque, 38, a Catholic from the southern Belgian city of Charleroi who converted to Islam, traveled to Iraq and blew herself up in November 2005.

And it's not just limited to the Middle East- doesn't Field remember the horror of Beslan, the innocent children that were deliberately murdered by terrorists, some of whom were women?

The myth of innate female compassion has been put to rest in Beslan, and in the earlier Moscow subway bombing, when a female suicide bomber detonated herself, killing 10 people, and in the two simultaneous plane crashes in central Russia a week earlier, in which 90 people were killed and which authorities say were caused by two other female suicide bombers.

I guess the news that this myth has been debunked still hasn't gotten through to some people.

At the siege of a Moscow theatre by Chechen terrorists in October 2002, 18 "Black Widows" - veiled, wearing black from head to toe, with explosives strapped around their waists - played a major role. The hostages who survived described the women as noticeably crueller and more determined than the male terrorists.

Is that clear enough? If not here's one last story which I find particularly chilling-

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) said Wednesday that it thwarted a double suicide attack set for Tel Aviv and Netanya last month, orchestrated by Islamic Jihad and meant to be carried out by two Palestinian women, one of them pregnant.

Yes, you read that right- a pregnant woman was attempting to carry out a suicide attack. So much for the myth of the peace-loving mother.

One of the women, Fatma Zak, 39, a mother of eight in her ninth month of pregnancy, has been director of Islamic Jihad's women labor department in Gaza City for the past four years

Not only was she willing to kill her unborn child and leave her children motherless she also took along her niece-

The second suspect is Zak's 30-year-old niece, Ruda Habib, a mother of four. Both were arrested by the Shin Bet at the Erez Crossing on May 20, moments before entering Israel.

The women said they had planned to blow themselves up in Netanya and Tel Aviv, respectively, in a restaurant or a wedding hall. They said they were instructed to cross into Israel and then contact Islamic Jihad members from Ramallah, who were supposed to guide them to their targets and supply them with explosive belts.

Perhaps Sally Field will educate herself about the nature of terrorism committed by women and mothers before she speaks in public again.

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Sally Field is a knee-jerk old 'tardette who can't keep her jaw from flapping. How about that non-mythinc characterization of women, the gossipy old crone.