Thursday, January 31, 2008

Child Menace

Great Britain today. Whatever went wrong?

A 13-YEAR-OLD schoolboy had two community support officers cowering in a locked room as they called for back-up.

The officers were confronted by the youngster after being called to a referral centre in Plymouth at 2pm yesterday.

On their arrival the boy became threatening and abusive, prompting them to call for back-up and lock themselves in a room.

Four uniformed police officers then came to their rescue, arresting the youth and taking him into custody.

Must have been a terribly dangerous and violent confrontation for two adults to cower like that surely?

According to a police spokesman the boy was freed 45 minutes later into the care of one of his parents and no further action will be taken.

Apparently he "became aggressive" and "violence was displayed" and yet the police aren't pressing any charges? Kind of contradicts the bit about the boy becoming only threatening and abusive, doesn't it?

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