Monday, January 28, 2008

Meeting The Enemy

The BBC embeds with terrorists yet again.

On a bright and sunny afternoon in Khan Yunis, in the eastern Gaza Strip, Abu Haroun places a Kalashnikov rifle into the hands of his nephew.

The gun is twice as tall as the little child.

"Remember, as I may not be coming back, learn to use this against the enemy one day," he says, giving the boy a farewell cuddle.

Nothing like indoctrinating little kids with hatred, eh? The article does teach us some things though- for example, that the terrorists are not uneducated-

Not far away, in a small room with peeling walls and pictures of past so-called martyrs, is a 23-year-old called Mohamed.

He is excited because, after three years with the group, this is to be his very first rocket-firing mission.

A university-trained computer expert, he is peering at a screen, looking at Google Earth maps on the internet.

He is searching for the best target for their short-range rockets.

We learn too that religion just might have something to do with it-

After prayers on the balcony, Abu Haroun's father, 57, goes outside and picks some dates from his tree and offers them to the militants.

"I am proud of you, my son," he says. "Sometimes, it is necessary to kill."

The Religion of Peace, isn't it?

The militants set out in a battered white jeep, its windows plastered with small photos of fighters who have been killed.

In a back street little boys stop playing football to gaze admiringly at their heroes.

I guess these kids are an example of the Palestinian people we're told about unceasingly who just want peace. And whose heroes happen to be murderers.

The article goes on to demonstrate just how well moderate Fatah is developing now that they're being courted by the world's politicians and feted with millions of dollars in aid, arms and military training from George "you're with us or with the terrorists" Bush. Because they're so moderate.

Abu Haroun's rocket-firing militant group is from Fatah, the previously dominant movement which lost control of the Gaza Strip to its rivals Hamas last June.

Hamas, it is said, has better maintained rockets thanks to the multitude of secret tunnels that its men control which run under the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt.

Abu Haroun is disappointed. He says only a few Israelis have died as a result of the rockets fired by all the different militant group. According to Israel there have been 13 fatalities in the last six years.

And these are the people the Bush adminisration is dealing with- and supporting- against the US's long-term ally Israel.

Makes you wonder just how many terrorist outrages Fatah have to commit to be designated a terrorist organisation- how many more innocent people have to die in Israel before the War on Terror president takes action?

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