Saturday, January 12, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Global warming edition.

Compare this-

Dr Dan Barlow, acting director of WWF Scotland, said: "2007 was the third warmest year ever recorded in Scotland and a year during which the country experienced dramatic or unusual weather patterns.

"Rainfall in the summer months exceeded the average for this time of year and the monthly temperature average in the winter months was significantly higher than normal."

He said the trends backed predictions that Scotland would become warmer and wetter.
The organisation called for Scotland to bring forward a "robust" climate bill to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

With this-

Scotland's ski centres have had the "best snow for years" as a result of the country's recent wintry weather.

All five of the country's snow sports areas have opened early - an achievement which operators said was highly unusual.

Oh, yeah, and this too-

Snow fell on Baghdad today for the first time in living memory, delighting residents who declared it an omen of peace.

"It is the first time we've seen snow in Baghdad," said 60-year-old Hassan Zahar. "We've seen sleet before, but never snow. I looked at the faces of all the people, they were astonished."

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