Monday, January 28, 2008


Whenever Israel takes action to defend itself and its citizens from terrorism there's usually an international outcry. I'm not holding my breath to hear the same about this-

Egypt has started choking off supplies to its border zone with Gaza in an attempt to discourage Palestinians from pouring into the area, reports say.

Reports say Egyptian lorries are being prevented from entering the Sinai peninsula, as well as being stopped at checkpoints outside the town of Rafah, which straddles the perforated border.

Meanwhile, Israeli tankers carrying fuel intended for Gaza's one power station are reported to have arrived at the Karni crossing point, and are waiting to cross.

So there we have it- a neighbouring Arab/Muslim country cutting off supplies to the poor, beleagured Palestinians while Israel sends fuel tankers to aid them. Want to bet that no other nation in the Middle East condemns Egypt's actions?

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