Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Only Ones - UK Edition

A couple of examples of modern day UK policing.

Returning home from a visit to the shops, 73-year-old Mary Reason was shocked to discover that police had kicked down her front door and were standing in her living room.

She was even more surprised when she was charged £100 for the repairs.

Mrs Reason, from Staverton, Gloucestershire, was due to appear as a witness in a magistrates' court case and police wanted to check that she would be attending.

When there was no answer the police- who "had reason to believe someone was in"- decided to kick her door in because they were concerned for her welfare. But they aren't so concerned for a pensioner's financial welfare that they'll pay for the repairs.

And then we have this-

Royal protection officers posed for 'comical' photographs on the Queen's throne, traded hardcore pornography in locker rooms and handled firearms while drunk, a court heard yesterday.

Members of Scotland Yard's Royalty Protection Command based at Buckingham and St James's palaces also sold steroids, fell asleep on duty and ran gambling rings, it was claimed.

On other occasions they smuggled friends into royal garden parties and offered them free Palace parking for shopping sprees, it was alleged.

The sensational claims were made at the trial of former Royal Protection Officer Paul Page, 37, accused of masterminding a £3million swindle from the Palace.

And note that these are the supposed "elite" of the police, the highly trained only ones allowed to carry firearms.

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