Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rose-tinted Lenses

I think we can safely say that Christopher Buckley has officially left planet Earth and headed off to Cloud Cuckoo Land.

I am delighted, overall, with our president’s first 100 days.

But of course! Bowing, scraping, apologising and being weak-willed has worked wonders to improve America's position...sorry, that should read "make foreigners like us better".

Mr. Obama’s spending worries me greatly. If every president who comes into office doubles the national debt, then we are finished. We are burying future generations (trans: our children) under crushing debt.

So when our economy collapses after the deficit is doubled, it will be—my bad!

Otherwise, I am with you, Mr. President. Keep up the good work.

Hey, let's not worry about a trifling $65 billion in debt for every one of his 100 days in office! In Buckley's world you only have to worry if Obama's debt is doubled. (In actual fact, Obama has quadrupled the deficit Bush left behind.)

And anyway, this whole "crushing debt" thing is evidently outweighed by Obama's obsequious attitude overseas, not to mention his being "a cool cat".


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