Tuesday, September 28, 2004

"Allies" say 'no' to Iraq

Le Fraud must have been wishing that no one from France or Germany (who somehow seem to make up America’s allies- as a citizen of the UK this alone would be enough to make me detest Kerry) would comment on his plans to include them in the “quagmire” which is Iraq. Unfortunately for him, someone has spoken up- with French and German officials pointing out that they will not increase military assistance to Iraq, even if Kerry is elected. Now, to a regular rational person, this is not a surprise or a shock- we’ve known it all along. Hell, even Kerry knew it- which is why his plan was a secret, because it’s a crock. His only stance on Iraq now (and surely he’s running out of time to change tack again) is withdrawal and defeat, surrender to the Islamo-fascist murderers. I’m sure that’ll go over well with the electorate.

Maybe Kerry should have done the decent thing and, once the war began, supported the troops and the plan. He could still have fought Bush without having to hope for, and then plan, the military defeat of the United States. The War on Terror is not going to be over in four years time- are the next batch of Democrat hopefuls going to realise that they can campaign against a Republican on domestic issues, while agreeing on remaining steadfast in the face of global terrorism? I wonder what Kerry’s poll numbers would be like now if he had voted for the money for the war, if all through the campaign he had signalled his clear intention to continue the war that Bush has been fighting since September 11? Better than they are now, that’s for sure. The appeasement monkeys of the left might shout pretty loud, but they’re a small minority of the Democratic faithful. I’m sure that an awful lot more want America to be victorious, want America to remain strong and safe. Right?

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