Sunday, September 12, 2004

Not everyone outside the US wants Kerry to win

A Czech doctor is betting on Bush to win in the hope of providing help to the victims of the Beslan massacre.

Perhaps Kerry should do the right thing and step down! Although, given the past few months of campaigning it’s hard to tell if Kerry isn’t deliberately and actively trying to lose the election.

If he can’t even run a campaign effectively, and I’ve seen nothing yet to suggest that he can (Cambodia, Vietnam, flip-flop, Vietnam, avoid the press, Vietnam, don’t release navy records after promising to do so, Vietnam, flip-flop, Vietnam, about a dozen versions of how he won and what he did with his medals, flip-flop some more- seriously, is this guy for real?), then maybe he should consider how hard it’s going to be for him to run an entire country? Maybe his tactic is to continue to blame his speech-writers/ Secret Service/ Republican attack machine/ BushCheneyHalliburton/ Digital Brownshirts/ Vast Right Wing Conspiracy whenever he screws up?

If it weren’t so scary that he is actually trying to become President of the last remaining Super Power, it’d be funny. Maybe Scary Kerry isn’t the truly frightening thing, maybe it’s the fact that some people will actually vote for him. *shudder*

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