Friday, September 24, 2004

Getting back in the swing of things

Hard to believe that I haven’t blogged since Tuesday! Been out and about a fair bit this week. Thanks to my sister-in-law my Other Half and I not only got out to the cinema Wednesday but also for dinner. The meal was delicious and the movie- Dodgeball- was hilarious. I was mighty pleased by this film, much funnier than I had expected it to be. A fair bit of physical humour was involved which brought me to mind of about the only Adam Sandler movie I like (Happy Gilmore), but also some great lines. The only flaw with the film was Ben Stiller’s dialogue- his idiot gym owner just wasn’t that funny- okay, the opening ad scene was great and he had a few moments throughout the film, but it was more miss than hit. Rip Torn’s character was great and there were a whole bunch of cameos. All in all, one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long, long time.

I also managed to get permission to sneak out of the house Tuesday to hook up with a mate of mine to go see Collateral. A nice thriller, with two solid performances from Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Cruise was superb as the amoral hitman and the movie was beautifully filmed. It’s no Heat, and I found a couple of the plot turns fairly unconvincing but aside from that it was very enjoyable. The ending felt like a bit of a let-down to me but it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the film. Along with the cinematography Cruise was the best thing about this- and I’m no big Cruise fan. The action sequences were very well done and had a certain authentic feel to them- no big flashy pyrotechnics just some rapid fire shooting. Nice.

I’m being spoiled by all these good movies recently- and Sky Captain has yet to open here!

Yesterday I hit the gym for the first time in about a year and a half and went straight into my standard back and triceps routine. I took a bottle of Viper along with me but even so I was flagging by the end of the workout. The surprising thing though is that my strength is still pretty much where it was way back then (or for a few exercises, better!). Obviously the rowing I’ve been doing has been more beneficial than I thought. I do a Wide Grip Pulldown and V-grip Pulldown on the cable machine and on both I was able to equal the weight I used to handle, while on the seated row I was able to exceed my previous by an extra 10 pounds and a couple extra reps. My triceps were also stronger on the Lying French Press (AKA the skullcrusher) but come my final exercise (cable triceps pushdown) my tiredness was beginning to tell and I just about managed to equal my previous weight limit. All in all a very satisfying workout. Today my triceps and lats are a little sore (I was expecting much worse) but my lower (bad) back is killing me. I had planned to take my Other Half and kids a quick run into town to do a little shopping but I’m not sure I’m fit even to drive at the moment, let alone walk around the shops. But, hell, it was worth it to lift heavy bits of metal again!

BTW, Shaun of the Dead is opening in the States this week. I’m not sure how the humour will translate across the Pond, but I thought it was hilarious- it’s also a very good zombie movie with some terrific scenes and even “proper” acting in some serious moments from the lead, Simon Pegg. I saw the DVD of this not so long ago and it’s jolly good fun. If you see it and like it then make sure to check out Simon Pegg’s TV show, Spaced. A fantastic sit-com chock full of movie references.

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