Sunday, January 15, 2006

Who watches the watchers?

A correspondent over at War on Guns has come up with this excellent suggestion-

I propose making law enforcement officers wear cameras that can record audio and video while on duty. This would cut down on them screwing around, possible corruption, excessive force, etc. There'd be penalties if they deliberately tampered with it. At the end of each day they have to turn in the cameras. If there's any complaints against them, the video is reviewed by a civilian panel on that particular day on the incident that a complaint was received about.

As he points out we're continually fed the line- we shouldn't worry about Big Brother-style surveillance if we've got nothing to hide. Right? Surely the upstanding citizens who police us have nothing to hide either? Why on earth could they possibly object to such a sensible, reasonable suggestion? It's not like they have anything to hide is it?

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Mike Battaglia said...

Maybe one day this will happen, Jay. But for now, it remains one of my unrealized late night epiphanies.