Sunday, January 29, 2006


I first became aware of the Iraqi WMD story after reading about it on Michelle Malkin's and Clayton Cramer's blogs. If you haven't heard about this- presumably- important story (there was the small matter of a war started over such weapons wasn't there?) I wouldn't be at all surprised. Out of curiosity today I did a search on the BBC news website for "WMDs" and also for the General at the heart of the story "Georges Sada". Neither turned up a result for the story in question.

Not a single mention of the story that a senior Iraqi military figure claims that the WMDs were shipped out of Iraq in civilian airliners to Syria before the war began.

Now perhaps this man's story- he was second-in-command of the Iraqi airforce- will turn out to not be true. Perhaps. But it seems incredible to me that the vast majority of people will not even hear about this story at all because it's being completely ignored by the MSM here in Britain.

As Clayton Cramer notes, 20 tons of chemical weapons agents were brought from Syria to Jordan for an attempted terrorist attack. And the Jerusalem Post also points out that Israel warned that Iraq was smuggling it's WMDs to Syria at the time too.

Could it be that this is being ignored because it might prove that Bush was *gasp* right afterall?

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