Monday, January 15, 2007

Left-Handed Revolver

At long last, a gun manufacturer has created a product for left-handers that is long overdue- a southpaw revolver. Stag introduced a left-hand receiver AR so obviously there's a market here and while semi-autos have long come with ambi controls, the revolver has been an awkward item to operate. Charter Arms have now fixed that.

The Undercover Southpaw is like a mirror image of a traditional revolver with the cylinder release on the proper- that is, the right- side of the gun. So no problems for a left-hander to reload the weapon.

Hopefully, this is a path that more and more gun manufacturers will begin to follow- surely it can't be that risky to pick their biggest selling item and offer a left-handed version? I reckon a good number of left-handed shooters would swap out guns that they already own for a southpaw version.

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