Saturday, January 06, 2007

Murderers On The Run

Another signpost in the decline of once Great Britain. Two murderers escaped from prison and are on the run. Police refuse to release photographs to identify the murderers to the public for fears of breaching their human rights and data protection laws.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: "When making a decision to release any photograph, police forces must take into account numerous factors including the public interest test, whether there is a strong local policing purpose and, of course, the Human Rights and Data Protection Acts.

"Photographs of named people that are in police possession are classed as data and their release is restricted by law.

"Acpo (Association of Chief Police Officers) guidance states that releasing a 'wanted' photograph of a named person should only happen in exceptional circumstances where officers believe that the named suspect may be a danger to the public."

Of course, in this day and age a murderers so-called "human rights" might be infringed if he's identified and apprehended by police before he murders again- no word about the human rights of any potential victims. And what exactly do police consider exceptional circumstances? Do they have to kill again before two escaped murderers are considered to be a threat to society? I would have thought that two fugitive killers on the run from the police might be considered a threat to public safety.

And, finally, why the hell were two murderers being held in an open prison in the first place?

Unbelieveable. I guess the police will extend their sympathies to the families of anyone unlucky enough to encounter these killers on the run- that seems to be the preferred choice over public servants actually doing their job these days.

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