Saturday, January 13, 2007

Staggering Ignorance

Can people really be this stupid?

As he was protesting Guantanamo, we asked whether he condemned Castro's concentration camps and imprisonment of human rights activists. We also asked if he thought the Cuban people deserved to live in freedom. He would only reply: "Castro is such a unique figure" and that "Communism worked under Castro"

We asked Jenny Heinz, another protestor, what she thought of Castro's tyranny. She got agitated and told us that wasn't what she was there to speak about. When finally pressed for an answer she said "I think Castro brought literacy to a lot of Cubans." Another person we spoke to, Tony Palladino, told us he'd "take Castro over Bush anytime." He didn't take me up on my suggestion that he actually move to Cuba.

Loretta Gallion told us that it is "not our business to free and liberate" people. When we mentioned the North Korean gulags, the genocide in Darfur, and other instances of oppression across the globe, and asked if we should intervene in those instances, she replied "I really don't know enough to answer."

Prime examples of being blinded by ideology.

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