Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Scientific" Thoughts

Online magazine Edge interviewed scientists about their predictions for the coming years. Some of it seems to make sense- one who specialises in treating autistic children notes that the digital age will make life better for them as they find it easy to interact with computers. Another notes medical developments which, by the middle of the century, might make it possible for people to lead active and healthy lives beyond the age of 100.

Others seem to be living in cloud-cuckoo land. Philosopher Daniel Dennett and noted anti-theist Richard Dawkins both believe that religion will disappear within a few decades because of TV, the internet and scientific advances towards a theory of everything. Sure, because TV and the internet have a noted history of not spreading disinformation, myth and the most outlandish lies. That really will help to eliminate the faith of millions of people. I don't think I've ever heard such balderdash promoted as deep thought before.

Also flying in the face of reality are Steven Pinker and John Horgan who foresee a decline in violence and an end to warfare. Jihad on the rise, a rapidly military-modernising China, nuclear proliferation in the Middle East- all sure signs that war may end soon.

"Scientists" indeed.

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