Saturday, January 06, 2007

Son of Hogzilla

There's a new Hogzilla on the block and it looks like he outclasses his monstrous predecessor to some degree.

The hog hung snout down from a tree Friday in William Coursey's front yard, not far from where the avid hunter said he shot the beast. He said he hauled it to a truck weight station, which recorded the hairy hog at 1,100 pounds.

But Coursey believes his behemoth surpasses the famed super swine shot and killed in 2004 that weighed in at half a ton on the farm's scales. A team of National Geographic experts later confirmed "Hogzilla" didn't quite live up to the 1,000-pound, 12-foot hype, saying the beast was probably 7 1/2 to 8 feet long, and weighed about 800 pounds.

I can't wait to see the pictures and the inevitable Hogzilla 2 show on National Geographic!

UPDATE - Just found what appears to be a picture of the beast. It actually doesn't look all that big compared to the original. Estimated at 9 feet long but as we know from Hogzilla 1, hanging the hogs like that stretches them out a good deal.

Here are my posts on Hogzilla and another I dubbed Hogzilla's cousin, the latter which also tipped the scales at about 1100 pounds. It appears to be significantly larger than this latest find. No word on what Son of Hogzilla was taken with- if anyone catches the weapon/calibre used, please do let me know.

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