Saturday, July 07, 2007

Al Qaeda's Iraq Plans

Still think it's a good idea to pull troops out of Iraq and leave the nation to jihadists? If Michael Yon's recent article hasn't convinced you then how about this-

Al-Qaeda second-in-command Ayman Zawahiri has urged Muslims to unite behind the movement's global jihad - and called for the violent overthrow of the governments of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

In a wide-ranging review of developments in the Muslim world, Zawahiri lays great stress on the central role of Iraq.

He claims Iraqis are increasingly supporting the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq, proclaimed in predominantly Sunni areas by an al-Qaeda affiliate.

The success of the Islamic State, he says, is crucial to the revival of a global, pan-Islamic caliphate.

So much for claims that the US presence in Iraq is fuelling the conflict there- rather, Al Qaeda sees Iraq as being central to their plan to spread their doctrine of hate to other nations. If we let Iraq fall to them it can only lead to greater problems ahead.

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Bag said...

We should pull troops out and nuke the place. Send Bush, Blar and their lke to the Hague for starting all this.

Of course that won't happen so we should just send Bush, etc to Iraq for trial and punishment.

No matter how long we stay when we leave they will form a government that wants to kill us. We should walk away now. Help Egypt etc kill them.

All we are dong now is trying to reduce the numbers keft so when it spills out there are less to come after us.