Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Protecting Bin Laden

The one man most likely to know about all of Al Qaeda's plans to attack and kill civilians and Britain's Labour Party held the position that they would only tell the CIA where Osama Bin Laden was if the CIA promised not to torture him.

Ministers insisted that British secret agents would only be allowed to pass intelligence to the CIA to help it capture Osama bin Laden if the agency promised he would not be tortured, it has emerged.MI6 believed it was close to finding the al-Qaida leader in Afghanistan in 1998, and again the next year. The plan was for MI6 to hand the CIA vital information about Bin Laden. Ministers including Robin Cook, the then foreign secretary, gave their approval on condition that the CIA gave assurances he would be treated humanely.

Typical of the left wing- more concerned about the rights of an arch-terrorist than about the lives that might be saved by using some degree of coercion to get him to talk.

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