Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cold Steel Bushman

I've written before about my Cold Steel Mini-Bushman knife but I've been using it a tad more lately and it's fast becoming my favourite. It's an unusual design, being one piece of metal with a 'rolled' hollow handle. The problem with the handle is in trying to find a reliable way to carry "survival" items in it- you see, it's open at both ends. How hard would it be for CS to provide a little screw on cap for it? At the moment I've got mine stuffed with cotton wool balls- handy tinder and they are jammed in tight enough that they show no sign of wanting to fall out. It would be nice to be able to keep a little flint in there too though. BCB's Ranger is about the right size. If you have any suggestions about how to seal up the handle easily do let me know.

Anyway, the Mini-Bushman is a great knife- fits the hand nicely, the blade's a great shape and, wow, but it's easy to sharpen. I'm very much a beginner at hand sharpening knifes but I bought myself some diamond stones recently and the Bushman's edge just popped out. I think it's sharper now than when I bought it and with minimal effort too. In fact, my Cold Steel Two-Handed machete and Rifleman's tomahawk also came up very nicely too now that I think about it.

The little Bushman's impressing me so much that I'm more and more tempted to pick up the 7" big brother model.

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DirtCrashr said...

Oh yeh, so totally NOT a surfer for sure - I noticed that just in the trailers on TV. They could have had any number of grommet surfers put electrical diodes on themselves and rolled/steadied themselves on an Indo board. Sheesh, buy a freakin' Surfer magazine and get on the phone with someone - or try and get Laird Hamilton to do it.