Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gaza Building Better Rockets

Terrorists in Gaza showed off a training area and rocket-building facilities to a group of journalists. CNN was the only Western organisation to take part in the terrorist propaganda exercise.

The militants terrorists showed off what they said was a new rocket, called the Nasser-4, which can travel 25 km (16 miles) -- double the range of the existing Nasser-3. If true, larger Israeli cities like Ashkelon and Ashdod would be under threat of attack.

The careful preparations showed just why explosions sometimes occur in Gaza-

Inside the "factory" -- a tiny room with rockets lining the walls -- masked men tried to light a fire from a gas canister in order to heat the explosives to liquefy them so that they could be poured into the shells. But despite the apparent painstaking planning that went into the display, the rocketmakers sometimes fell short.

First, the lighter didn't work. Then, a leak in a canister filled the room with suffocating gas. Explosions, euphemistically called "workplace accidents," occur in Gaza from time to time, but the men building the rockets handled deadly ingredients and warheads in a visibly relaxed manner.

The PR stunt is a win-win for the terrorists- if Israel takes no action over the provocation they can crow about another "victory" to their supporters. If Israel does take action to protect its citizens from terrorist attack, the terrorists can claim that Israel broke the ceasefire and that they are entitled to "retaliate".

The wheel keeps turning. It seems to me that the only thing which could break the cycle of violence is if Western nations stop funding these terrorists and actually make the so-called refugees stand on their own two feet- they might be too busy actually trying to make a living instead of using aid to finance their genocidal plans.

Would it be so hard to say, yes, you can have millions of dollars in aid but first you have to stop the terrorism?

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Anonymous said...

Is Israel building up it’s armoury during truce? Of course it does. The military is a Israeli-US billion dollar booming business, having half of the Middle East as their playground to experiment on Arabs as much as they like. And the new products certainly will be used. And opportunities even may continue to be created by the American Congress, being heavily influenced by Israel, the military industry, and the oil industry. So that’s the big picture, while CNN covers a few Palestinian boys making some amateur rockets (showing nothing of the way they are oppressed by Israeli policy), calling that a top story.

As a European, being quite active in getting the real real news from that area, I went to CNN to see what they are making out of it? I never expected it to be that bad. All well known ingredients were put together again: rockets, terrorism, Hamas, Shalid, Islamic extremism, and of course the Israeli spokesman Mark Regev, explaining how the civilised Israel tries to survive in the barbaric Arab environment. And of course all these small things like talking about “quiet times”, which in fact are periods without Palestinian attacks, but with Israel silently going on creating a hell in their territories. Or talking about “innocent civilians”, that always are Israeli and never Palestinian. Self defence? Only when it comes down to Israeli’s of course.. All Americans can go to sleep quietly now.

CNN is not producing news but propaganda. CNN never will go to Gaza to show, that if Americans would live under the conditions Israel creates for decades, they would be ten times as violent as these Palestinians. And that is an understatement.

Being objective in a conflict between nations is not that hard. We simply have civilised rules for that. Land Rights, Human Rights, 4th Convention of Geneva, being the basic UN rules for peace between nations. The total of violence can simply be measured by counting the violations of these rules. From an objective point of view, these should determine what the problem really is. Applied to this conflict, it is quite obvious, 95% of all violence comes from Israel, not from the Palestinians. But none of this will ever become clear, thanks to media like CNN.

And this is what’s worries me: in the 20th century we have developed so much: economy, science, communications, culture and arts, too much to mention. But improvement in the media seems to be more about mass manipulation, then of the coverage of truth. CNN’s coverage of the conflict reminds me of medieval times: Look, the enemy is re-arming! How can we cope with the barbarians?! Look who is ‘disturbing the peace’!
CNN’s coverage of the issue can be compared to evangelicals commenting on atheists, or something like that: all part of the devil..

There are so many good sources of information, revealing backgrounds, showing Israeli politics crimes and goals, and the harsh reality in the Palestinian territories, and there has been so much criticism of biased media, call it a miracle CNN still goes on producing this biased superficial fiction about the conflict. Apparently CNN chooses to do so, degrading itself to some second-rate separatist medium, merely interesting for anthropologists trying to explain why CNN is doing what it does..

Of course CNN is not the only one. American media act like a herd of sheep, copying each others non-news and biased angles, mainly fearing AIPAC and the biased American public, they created themselves..

Who is interested in the real news and the real issues, for a nice introduction try Google or YouTube on Anna Baltzer, or Even in Europe we know them. When will Americans wake up from their medieval perspective? What does it take? Why is the US completely malfunctioning on this issue?

Walter Doorhart, the Netherlands.