Tuesday, August 05, 2008

MoveOn Attacks Obama's Plan

MoveOn is apparently upset that Republicans are doing something about high oil prices rather than wailing about saving the planet.

“Speaker Pelosi blocked their plan because it won't help lower gas prices—but it will line the pockets of Big Oil executives, the same people donating millions of dollars to Republicans,” the e-mail said.

“We’ve invited the media, and having a good crowd is critical to show them that voters don’t want oil industry gimmicks—they want real solutions like alternative energy to solve our energy crisis,” the e-mail said.

MoveOn acknowledged that “Republicans have been dominating the debate around gas prices for weeks with their sham drilling plan,” adding that the House protest is “getting a lot of press coverage.”

What's strangely missing from their missive is any mention of Barack Obama who flip-flopped on the issue in Florida- he too now says that he will support Big Oil drilling.

So, MoveOn is campaigning against one of Obama's new platforms? I hope they don't forget to mention him when their protest begins.

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