Friday, August 29, 2008

Stanley Kurtz

Doing investigative journalism into the background of a Presidential candidate, Stanley Kurtz is looking into the link` between Obama and terrorist William Ayers. A link Obama himself brushed off by saying that Ayers was just someone who lived in his neighbourhood. As has been demonstrated, that is a lie.

LGF has audio of Kurtz's appearance on radio- a show the Obama campaign urged its supporters to contact because Kurtz was smearing Obama. Worth listening to- because the Obama callers buy into the "smear" tag wholeheartedly and never once question any of the facts that Kurtz has uncovered. Either that or they complain that it isn't fair that the Obama camp isn't on the show- even though they were invited. And have their campaign HQ just down the street. More than once we hear that Kurtz shouldn't be allowed to talk because the Dems are having their convention and, you know, no one could possibly leave HQ, walk down the street and come on the show for a few minutes. Nope, they're too busy to do that.

Not one seems to think it might be because they couldn't challenge any of the facts.

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