Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Tyre Theory

Obama keeps touting this tyre-inflating theory and how many millions of barrels of oil it will save the US. There's just one thing that I have to ask- where are the hard figures which categorically prove that millions of cars in the US are currently driving around with under-inflated tyres?

How many cars out of the total vehicles on the road are under-inflated? By how much are they under-inflated? Are the savings for each kind of vehicle on the road the same? Because it seems to me that without solid evidence like that it doesn't matter how many people calculate the end savings of doing this simple task. Does Obama know these things? Where's the solid definitive proof for his claimed savings- rather than guestimates.

Notice too how the post-partisan candidate is anything but- saying that Republicans take "pride in being ignorant" because they're mocking his energy policy.

Rich coming from Obama who wants to concurrently reduce electricity consumption but also add a million electric-powered hybrids to America's roads. Not to mention the many other factual mistakes he's made during the campaign.

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