Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama And Ayers Again

Another quickie post: this time on Obama's supposedly mainstream buddy, William Ayers. Barack would like voters to believe that because he was a child when Ayers was plotting to murder US soldiers (a point that the MSM often seems to think not worthy of mention) and was carrying out other attacks, that his current associations with him- which he has lied to voters about- are nothing more than a distraction.

Only Ayers is not remorseful about his actions- he's in no way disavowed his terrorism or apologised for it. He is not a reformed character despite his current job. Nor, for that matter, is his despicable wife who once gloated about the murder of Sharon Tate.

Remember- Obama first of all claimed that Ayers was nothing more than someone who lived in his neighbourhood. His home, in actual fact, was where Obama launched his political career. Ayers and Dohrn hosted that event.

As with other incidents- Obama lied about the truth of the matter and then, when the real facts were exposed, he's tried to brush it aside.

As an outsider looking in, I honestly can't see how Obama- a man who befriended a terrorist couple who once plotted to commit mass-murder of US troops- is in the position he's currently in.

Seriously, Democrats- you want to make the friend of a terrorist Commander-in-Chief?

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