Monday, January 26, 2009

Just Give Them What They Want

That's the advice that people are given when confronted by criminals by those in the police and government who believe that ordinary citizens should not try to defend themselves, their families or their property. Hecate's Crossroads demonstrates why relying on the good nature of criminals is foolhardy.

A rangemaster at gun school who was also a sheriff's deputy once told me about a nurse who had serious ex-boyfriend problems. After responding to one of her 911 calls, he told her she should get a handgun.

She said she'd think about it, and asked her hospital colleagues what they thought. Thoroughly indoctrinated in pacifist attitudes, they were horrified and told her she should get a whistle instead. That was what she decided to do, and the deputy said he could not talk her out of it.

When her body was later found in the hospital parking lot, the whistle was still between her teeth. She had blown it until it filled up with blood as she died.

Just give them what they want? But what if they don't just want your wallet, watch or car- what if they want to take your life?

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