Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama's Bash

Barack Obama has branded Wall Street bonuses "shameful" this year.

That's rich coming from the man whose economic "stimulus" plan spends nearly a trillion dollars on projects, the majority of which have absolutely nothing to do with directly stimulating the economy.

And who then throws a cocktail party complete with waygu steak- a $100 a serving delicacy.

Shameful, Obama? I don't think you know the meaning of the word. Shameful is claiming that because America faces the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression that it's essential he plunges the United States into debt for the sake of...what exactly? Buying votes for Democrats? And then throwing a lavish party to celebrate.

I guess he doesn't have a problem with double standards- one rule for him, and another for you. I mean, he's already lectured the US on turning down the thermostat- before promptly turning the temperature in the White House up. David Axelrod tries to explain that he does it because "he's from Hawaii". Hasn't Obama spent, oh I don't know, about twenty odd years living in Chicago?

The most expensive inauguration in US history wasn't enough either- Emperor Obama needs his hothouse temperatures, his swish parties and expensive delicacies too.

Can you even begin to imagine the media outrage if President Bush had done this?


Doberman said...

Gotta wonder how the cocksucker will spin this:

Che said...

typical Republican blogger, parroting whatever he reads from other right-wing sources.

"OMG most expensive inauguration in US history !!". Yeah right.

Jay.Mac said...

Hang on a minute- the Media Matters article essenially argues that you can't compare Bush's $42 to Obama's $150-$170 because it's not a fair comparison. But the total cost of Bush's inauguration was- according to them- $115 million.

So Obama's inauguration is still the most expensive in history.

That's according to your source BTW.