Saturday, January 24, 2009

Padding the Budget

When is an economic crisis not a crisis? When the people tasked with finding a solution to it decided to spend a tremendous amount of money on trivial cosmetic features and a minuscule amount on one of the powerhouses of the economy- small businesses. If they aren't taking it seriously, then surely the problem can't be as bad as they're saying.

On the provisions of the stimulus package aimed at small business: "There is actually only 2.7 percent of this bill that is aimed at small business tax relief. In fact, for every dollar being aimed at small business in this bill, there are four dollars being spent for new grass in Washington."
He is there referring to the fact that the bill contains $400 million on upgrades to the Smithsonian, National Mall, and Monuments (including landscaping) and only $41 million in tax relief for small businesses.

So how much of the nearly trillion dollars Obama wants to spend will actually be used to good effect? And how much will be wasted on projects like this?

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